My London trip— Markets in London

So, here it comes the second post of my London trip. I will talk about some of the markets we have been to in London.

1. Camden town


How to say it, Camden Town, it is weird, but it is COOL. Alongside the streets, you see all kinds of shops selling clothes, souvenirs, toys or whatever you can think of. When you arrive at Camden town, you will immediately become curious and you literally want to see and try everything there…

We first had breakfast in a café called Ruby Dock at Camden market, you can find it in the corner of the food market. They have really good coffee, and the puff pastries are so tasty as well! After we walked in some shops, we had lunch at the Camden market as well, the food market in general was cheap (average 5 to 10 pounds p.p) and delicious! It offers all kinds of food from different countries, which is amazing to see and try. The smell of the food market was just wonderful, especially the smoked sausage and potatoes were just too comforting on a cold winter day. (yeah, I love food a bit too much……)




2. Borough market


I wish there will be more of those food markets in the Netherlands for a foodie like me, I would be thrilled to go there every single day. Although Rotterdam has the Markthal, in my opinion it is a bit too commercial and doesn’t really have the “lively vibe” that the Borough market has. However, Markthal Rotterdam looks very impressive and eye-catching. In my opinion, the Foodhallen in Amsterdam is more similar to the Borough market. So you can definitely check the one in Amsterdam out if you miss the Borough market and can’t go to London every weekend (like me)!

The Borough market is very big, they offer you lots of different products and ingredients. Unfortunately, we had too little space in our stomach to try everything out. If you like food as much as I do, please go there when you are in London the market will not disappoint you!

DSCF0477 DSCF0478 DSCF0479 DSCF0481 DSCF0483 DSCF0484 DSCF0485 DSCF0488


 I have the feeling I am only talking about food, so I am going to share some other markets we went to in London in the following post:

3. Old Spitalfields market


On the old Spitalfields market you can find clothes, accessories, LPs and many other things. There are also a lot of shops around the market, so it is definitely one of the shopping destinations in London. You can find affordable outfits here, but you can also find well designed and premium brands like Church’s here.

BTW, Poppy’s fish and chips restaurant is very close to the old Spitalfields market.


4. Brick lane market 


I think on Sundays, there is a food market here 🙂 but we were not there on a Sunday so we didn’t have the chance to try the food there. (FOOD AGAIN!)

Brick lane market is within walking distance from old Spitalfields market, so we combined these 2 markets in one day. Brick lane market is more funky and hip than old Spitalfields in my opinion. You can find A LOT of cool design clothing shops here. There is also a huge vintage market which can be more to your likings! For a fashionista, this is probably the place to go to in London.


These are the markets we went to and I think the ones I will definitely visit again in London. I just hope it will be easier for me to travel to the UK in the future. At this moment I can travel to a lot of countries in mainland Europe because I have the resident permit from the Netherlands. Since my passport is still Chinese I always need to apply for a Visa to go to UK and the visa fee is very expensive as well. I think it costs around 188 euro if you apply in Amsterdam, for a multi-entry UK Visa for half a year.

Anyway, I enjoyed London and I hope you do as well!

All pictures taken by me with a Fujifilm X10.



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