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Places to go to in Eindhoven— Part II

Followed by the last post, here are some other places I recommend in Eindhoven.

Asian Kitchen

Hong Kong
Price: €€
Service: ○○○○
Hong Kong is the most authentic Chinese place in Eindhoven. You can eat in the restaurant or get take away. On Saturdays and Sundays they serve brunch (12:00-17:00), all hand-made dim sum. They make everything themselves so you will not get some finished products from the deep freezer. It’s better to make a reservation if you would like to try the dim sum, as most of the times the place is packed. We also had dinner several times and the quality of the food is great. It is one of my favourite places in Eindhoven, I mean in the end I still have a “Chinese stomach” 😉




Lung Hing
Price: €€
Service: ○○○○
Lung Hing is a Dutch-Chinese take away place but also has awesome authentic Chinese food. You can see the menu below. The place is very small, so if you would like to eat here remember to call in advance. The owner of the place is also from Shanghai, which is my hometown, so some dishes really remind of home. In the past it wasn’t really convenient to get there because we didn’t have a car, but now that we have a car, we will go back here more often.



Kyoto Sushi
Food: ○○○●
Price: €€
I went to Kyoto Sushi with some friends for my Birthday celebration, in the I also had take-away twice. Most of the sushi places in the Netherlands are owned by Chinese, so of course the quality is not really comparable to the sushi you actually have in Japan or in authentic Japanese restaurants in Europe.   Kyoto Sushi is not an “all you can eat” places, so you can taste that the sushi is not of poor quality, and the ingredients are quite fresh. When you read the news lately, you will know how “hygienic” the “all you can eat” sushi places are. If you would like to know more about sushi and Japanese food, I can recommend you to read another future blog post! Just make sure you follow me on my blog and stay tuned!



Coffee and ice cream place

Intelligentia ICE
Food: ○○○

They don’t sell normal ice cream and they like to experiment with their flavors. So you can get flavors such as earl grey, wasabi, mango-cucumber, banana-kiwi etc. They constantly change their flavors so it is worth to try it out. But I can’t say if you will like them :p.

Food: ○○○
Price: €
They have good coffee and also provide breakfast and lunch. We went there once, the coffee is pretty good but the lunch was nothing special.

Food: ○○○○
Price: €
Service: ○○○○
The Stadsbranderij is hidden in a small ally and it is very easy to pass by before they had the signs outside. The coffee is really good, I normally don’t really drink coffee but I liked their coffee a lot. You can also buy grounded coffee or coffee beans here. The cups they used to serve coffee are also quite unique, you can buy them at Stadsbranderij as well but they are quite expensive.



Moreover, as I mentioned in the last post, the coffee at the Vascobelo V-Bar Eindhoven is also very good!

Hopefully the last two posts will guide you on a small food tour in Eindhoven. There are still many places I would like to try in Eindhoven, and I will write a Part III once I tried them 🙂

I am going to write about Japanese restaurants in Dusseldorf in the next post. If you are interested in Japanese food, make sure you follow my blog or like the Facebook page!

Until next time.




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