My review of 2015: top places and events

I still can’t believe how fast each year goes by, so I wanted to make a summary post to highlight the monthly events and places I’ve been to in 2015.

January: London, UK

I went to London with Bram and two of our friends to celebrate post Christmas and New year. We enjoyed the most amazing fireworks together under London Eye. It was definitely an awesome start of the year.

DSCF0445 DSCF0049 DSCF0457

DSCF0318 DSCF0319 DSCF0322

DSCF0328 DSCF0242


February: Shanghai, China/ Wuxi, China

I went back to Shanghai for Chinese New Year celebrations, enjoyed the time with my family and friends.

We went to the blossom park in Wuxi, it was also the first time I went on a trip with my grandma.

IMG_0200 IMG_0199 (I found Dutch clogs in the park as well!)

IMG_0182 IMG_0180 IMG_0179


March: Rotterdam, the Netherlands

My friend Emily made a “Naked” birthday cake to surprise me while I spent the weekend at her place.

IMG_0772 IMG_0771

April: Dusseldorf, Germany

Bram and I took his parents out for dinner in Dusseldorf. We had wonderful sushi at NaNiWa.

IMG_0847 IMG_0846 IMG_0845


April: Lisse, the Netherlands

We went to Lisse to enjoy beautiful spring season in the Netherlands with our friends.

IMG_1063 IMG_1059 IMG_1058

IMG_1056 IMG_1031


May: Rotterdam, the Netherlands

I went to the first Food truck festival in the Netherlands with two friends.

IMG_1324 IMG_1323 IMG_1320

IMG_1321  IMG_1313


May: Maastricht, the Netherlands

Had a productive day (in terms of shopping and food) in Maastricht with friends.

IMG_1380 IMG_1374


June: Delft, the Netherlands

Went to IKEA with Emily, she wanted to do some furniture shopping. Enjoyed a good brunch at Michel.

IMG_1584 IMG_1583


June: Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Tried Japanese Ramen at Fou Fow Ramen with Juecheng



July: Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Seafood platter at Hotel New York



August: Tingking Out Loud logo was created 



September: Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Boat tour with Spyker and our friends in Amsterdam. Spyker is the beagle boy of our friends, he is a really cute puppy!

He also has a Facebook page: The Flying Dutch Puppy and instagram account: Spyker beagle boy

11234811_1604454013139182_5424993701718313466_n 11825815_1604604163124167_3734140710366375976_n


September: Maastricht, the Netherlands

One of my best friends in China visited the Netherlands with her friends and mum, I was their tour guide for one day in Maastricht.


October: Paris, France/ Rome, Italy/ Vatican city, Vatican/ Amsterdam, the Hague, the Netherlands

My parents came to visited me in October, we went to Paris, Rome, Vatican, then we had some days in the Netherlands. It was the best trip I had in 2015 and surely the best time in 2015.

Read more about Paris here, and Rome here.

Read more about tips about food in Rome here.

DSCF1612 DSCF2004 DSCF2065


November: Shanghai, China

First business trip to China 🙂 best thing it was my hometown ❤



November: the Hague, November

Got my first pair of glasses (with sunglasses clip). I was way too happy with it lol.



December: Dusseldorf, Germany

We visited the Christmas market, had Ramen (a must) for lunch, and Japanese BBQ for dinner with our friends.

IMG_3142 IMG_3141 IMG_3149

IMG_3163 IMG_3145 IMG_3146 IMG_3144


December: Antwerp, Belgium

Spent two days with Bram in Antwerp right after Christmas celebrations. It was the first time for me in Antwerp, I found Antwerp a very cool city. Will definitely go back there again!

IMG_3237 IMG_3235 IMG_6525

2016 has officially started, I wish you guys all the best and thanks for your support in the past year!

Stay tuned for more posts and like Tingkingoutloud on Facebook 🙂




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  1. Dalo 2013 says:

    What a great year you’ve had…and now just wonder what ’16 will have in store. Great photos ~


    1. yunting says:

      Thank you for your comment! Hope 2016 is another good year, for both of us 🙂


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