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My review of 2015: favourite beauty products

Follow with the last post: review of skin and body care products, in this post, I will list the beauty products I have been using in 2015 which I think are worth buying. I don’t put on makeup everyday, I am also not a beauty guru, but after some years of experimenting, I do know what suits me the best and what I like the most. In general I like natural looks. I think makeup for daily looks shouldn’t change too much of how you actually look, makeups are suppose to enhance your look and make your look radiant. The essence is that you should still look like yourself.

Skin type: Dry, sensitive sometimes.



Makeup base
Suqqu Makeup base creamy
Suqqu is a Japanese brand, famous for its quality. I like their simple yet subtle packaging. The product is in pink, when you apply it on face, it doesn’t leave any color. It moisture skin pretty well and keep the foundation application even more long lasting. Very light weight, very easy to apply.

I bought it at Selfridges

YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat Foundation SPF 15, B30
I use this foundation in combination with the Suqqu makeup base, the finishing look is fantastic. Your skin looks healthy, with natural glow. The product is quite light weight and doesn’t offer an intensive coverage of dark spot, which I don’t really need in general. I like to apply this product with a sponge.

I bought it here: ICI Paris XL

Hera UV Mist Cushion SPF 50, N23
For a quick morning makeup, I will just grab the Hera cushion foundation and I will be done in less than 2 minutes. The sponge comes with it works well but you have to tap the product on your skin, not like how you normally use a sponge. I got a refill one with the original packing for the price of one, you may think it’s a good deal. But be aware that each of this cushion foundation container only contains 15ml, while the traditional foundations are about 30ml. I have already used 4 of this product (in about 2 years). It’s not as long lasting as I would expect it to be, but it does give your skin a very natural and healthy glow afterwards. People can never tell if I put on foundation or not when I use this product but they do compliment my good skin.

Cushion foundation concept was first introduced in South Korea, it got so popular in Asia, that Western brands start to follow the trend as well, namely Lancôme. Lancôme has already introduced their cushion foundation in 2014 and the reviews are pretty good. Apparently Dior and YSL are also looking into the opportunities, I did read about Dior will introduced their cushion foundation in February 2016.
I bought this in China, no link available. But if you are interested in this concept, you can try out Lancôme or Dior.


IMG_3415 this is to show you how big is the package

La Mer The Powder, Translucent
HUGE amount of product, that I think I don’t need to buy powder anymore for the rest of my life hahaha… Don’t get scared of La Mer though, this one is not cheap but it’s not that expensive compared to the La Mer skin care line. I paid 55£ for this, just judging from the amount they give you it’s already worth it. Most importantly, it’s a fantastic product for normal to dry skin type. The powder is in very fine forms, with a pinch of shimmer. Doesn’t give you a cakey look when you set the product after apply foundation, it will only make you look radiant.

I bought this at Harrods


Jardin de Chanel, Blush Camélia Rosé (Limited Edition)
I bought one of this for one of my best friends for her birthday, and I couldn’t resist how pretty it looks so I also got one myself. The 3D flower patterns are almost gone, so I guess you can see how much I liked to use this blush. I bought it in ICI Paris XL store, since this was the limited edition of 2015, you cannot purchase it anymore.

Le Blush Crème De Chanel, #67, #62
Cream blush is more suitable for dry skin in colder weather, the texture of the product will be more long lasting and moisture for dry skin type. I normally use fingers to apply it to create a subtle look. You don’t need a lot of it as they are well pigmented. What I like about cream blushes is that the products are blended in your skin instead of only stay on your skin, so the finishing look doesn’t look cakey.

I bought it in de Bijenkorf



MAC Mineralize Skinfinish, Lightscapade (limited edition)
First highlight product I have tried. I didn’t know how highlight can change they way you look until I tried it. It’s amazing. Obviously like the name of the product, it highlights parts of your face. I normally use it for cheekbones, forehead and nose.

I bought this in de Bijenkorf, but since this was the limited edition of 2015, can no longer be purchased.

I don’t use eyeliner, simply because I am really bad at it, and I prefer just apply mascara to create a natural look. Same goes to eyeshadow, I almost don’t use eyeshadow.



Suqqu Balancing eyebrow, #1
Based on how much I have used in one year, I think this is another product which lasts forever. Initially I thought it was expensive, but the fact you can use this for many years, I wouldn’t say it’s too expensive. Pigmentation is outstanding, the brushes come with the package are made of good quality. You have to be careful with the amount of product you use though because the pigmentation is so good. The most long lasting product in this list, I can’t express enough how much I like it. If you have lighter hair color, then of course you should pick a lighter version. The moss color works surprisingly well with dark hair and eyebrow, and it doesn’t appear greenish when you apply it on your eyebrows. The light brown shade is for contouring nose.

I bought is at Selfridges

Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Waterproof, black
I have quite long eyelashes for Asians, but they are very flat. So I need mascara which can curl my eyelashes and it should stay curly for a long time. This is the perfect mascara for me, I bought 4 of this already in 2015 and will continue using it. ICI Paris XL offers a good discount sometimes for mascara, 40% for all brands, so I tend to restock at one of those moments.

The mascara is not too damp, it is light weight which is perfect. Because it still gives your eyelashes enough volume, but it’s not too heavy that weighs your lashes down. With the combination of Suqqu eyelash curler, my lashes can stay curly for the entire day without looking like a panda. Waterproof ability is excellent as well. Relatively easy to be removed with eye makeup remover.

I bought this at ICI Paris XL

Lancôme Hypnose Doll Eyes Waterproof, Black
Lancôme is needless to say, one of the best brands for mascara. This mascara gives my lashes a very natural look, it carefully separates the lashes and give it a good volume and length. The smaller part is perfect for lower lashes. Very easy to be removed with eye makeup remover. Waterproof ability is not as good as the Dior one in my opinion.

I bought this at ICI Paris XL

If I can only choose to wear one makeup everyday, then my pick will definitely go to lip colors. My favorite ones for 2015 are:



Guerlain Kiss Kiss, #344 Sexy Coral
I love the packing, the color and everything of this lipstick. Well pigmented, long lasting and moisture your lip at the same time. It goes with my skin tone very well, I like to use it in Spring and Summer. ICI Paris XL also offers 40% on 2 lip and nail products once in a while.

I bought this at ICI Paris XL

MAC Haute dogs limited edition, Nose for style
I was lucky that I could still get my hands of this one in November. This is the first lipstick I didn’t try in stores but purchased directly from Internet after had a look at some swatches. This is also the lipstick you can wear when you don’t have any other makeup and doesn’t look odd. It’s not as dry as the normal MAC collection, pigmentation is really good, like any other MAC lipsticks. Very long lasting and very beautiful color for Autumn and Winter.

YSL Baby doll Kiss & Blush, #6
Multipurpose product is my favorite while travelling. This one can be used on cheek and lips. It also gives a matte finishing look when used as lip color, but it’s not as matte as the Armani one.

I bought this at ICI Paris XL

Armani Lip Maestro, 501
A gentle and soft color which is suitable for everyday use. Finishing is matte makes your look more sophisticated in my opinion, especially at formal or business occasions. Easy to apply with the brush head, a bit on the dry side, but very long lasting.

I bought this in de Bijenkorf


Suqqu brushes
Travel friendly brushes are always good to have. These are not for sell because they come with a limited edition of Suqqu face platte I bought. Normally I don’t use the brushes come with the product, but these brushes are made of excellent quality and I love to use them. The brushes are very soft, shaped well. I use the bigger one for applying blush, and smaller ones for highlighter. The normal size brushes from Suqqu are well-known to be high quality, but they are not cheap.

MAC eyebrow brush
Good brush for eyebrows, you can use this to separate eyelashes as well. Only downside of this brush, it’s a bit too long for my makeup bags…

Suqqu eyelash curler 

Best one I have used so far, the shape fit the Asian eyes really well, my eyelashes can stay curler for the whole day.

I bought it here: Selfridges

Cpb makeup sponge
Cpb is the luxurious line of Shiseido, I bought the sponge set in China, so no link. Best sponge I have used, applies foundation in a very effective way with natural finishing. Easy to clean, and it comes with a small holder/bag to prevent it from getting dirty.


YSL La Laque Couture,
#30 Base et top coat, #22 Beige leger, #61 Brun henne
Last year I have been obsessed with YSL nail polishes, I bought all of them when ICI Paris XL offers the 40% off promotion. The brushes of the nail polishes are easy to apply, it dries relatively fast compared to other nail polishes I own. With the base and top coat, the color can stay for at least 3-4 days without fading or chip.

I bought them here: ICI Paris XL

Like I mentioned in the beginning of the post, makeups are suppose to enhance your look instead of change how you really look in my opinion. But if you don’t like makeups, it’s also completely fine, I recently read an inspiring blog post from Man Repeller, that you should still feel confident and happy of who you really are.

Hope you enjoyed my reviews of 2015 posts and until next time.

IMG_3341 (using YSL Baby doll Kiss & Blush, #6 in this picture) 




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