Three Bistro restaurants review- Zinc, Het Ketelhuis, Twee Heeren

I have been to three similar restaurants in the past two months, so I thought I will put three reviews in one post. I mainly ordered fish dishes in all three restaurants, so it’s also more fair to compare them.

The restaurants are Zinc in Rotterdam, Het Ketelhuis in Eindhoven and Twee Heeren in The Hague.

They all offer freshly prepared seasonal dishes, and they change their menu very regularly, so instead of creating a printed menu Zinc and Het Ketelhuis let their staff explain the dishes at the table. The restaurants are all quite cozy, while Het Ketelhuis has a more of hipster/industrial vibe.

At Het Ketelhuis you sometimes need to share a big table with other people, but it really doesn’t matter that much to me. All of the restaurants mentioned above offer you nice bread: Zinc offers warm Turkish bread with butter; Het Ketelhuis offers sour dough bread with olive oil and homemade garlic paste; Twee Heeren offers white bread with garlic paste and olive oil as well.

Let’s move on with an insightful review.

○ stands for 1 point, ● stands for half point and the highest score is 5.

Zinc (Rotterdam)
Food: ○○○●
Price: €€€
Service: ○○○○
24.5 Euro per person for a three-course dinner, they offer a free appetizer before your meal.

For us, it was bruschetta with tomatoes and mozzarella;


Starter was smoked red snapper, pickles and walnuts;


Main course was seabass with sundried tomatoes and spinach mousse;


Desert was red wine stewed pear, vanilla cream and almond.


The fish in the starter was a bit dry which was a bit disappointing, the sea bass was cooked perfectly in the main course. They serve mashed potatoes with your main course, so you will definitely have enough food. Desert was the highlight of the menu, the pear was cooked in a nice way, in combination with the homemade vanilla cream, it melts in your mouth and the taste is not too heavy. Service was very kind, they tried their best to explain everything in English and they did a good job in my opinion. My starter was a bit disappointing, but it’s still worth to try Zinc out as they change their menu every two weeks.

Het Ketelhuis (Eindhoven)
Food: ○○○○
Price: €€€
Service: ○○○
30 Euro per person for three-course dinner, they do not offer extra appetizer besides bread, but they have a lot of nice beer and other funky drinks.



My starter: Duck liver with orange jelly, pumpkin mash, rocket salad and salsify (a sort of winter asparagus);

IMG_3430[1] IMG_3429[1]

My main course: Sea bass, mussels, mashed potatoes and kale; (they serve either fries or pan fried potatoes with your main courses)

IMG_3431[1] IMG_3432[1]

Bram’s starter: Squid with rocket salad and carrots


Bram’s main course: Pan fried cod with cauliflower and kale


Dessert: Homemade vanilla ice-cream with prune liquor.

It can get very busy at Het Ketelhuis, so service is not always very fast. They also change their menu every two weeks like Zinc does. My starter was really good, I am a big fan of duck or goose liver, the combination of the liver and the orange jelly made the taste not too fatty, but very refreshing, although the winter asparagus was not my kind of thing the rest of the starter was just spot on! I have to say the sea bass in the main course was a bit overcooked, there were also not a lot of mussels in the dish, so it was a bit disappointing for me. Vanilla ice-cream was homemade so the quality was definitely ensured, however, when they served the dessert, the ice-cream was already melting, it’s a pity that they didn’t pay attention to the details. I still rated the food with a 4, because I know Het Ketelhuis can do better. I went there in September 2015, I had pork neck with rocket salad as starter, salmon with fresh vegetables as main course, panna cotta, fresh peach, strawberries and vanilla ice-cream as dessert. I have to say the dinner in September 2015 was better than the one I had this time.





Twee Heeren (The Hague)
Food: ○○○○
Price: €€€
Service: ○○○○

24.5 Euro per person for three-course dinner. They change their menu every month and they have a wide range of wine selections, the funky drink (Wostok) I had at Het Ketelhuis I also found at the Twee Heeren. Service is really good in the restaurant, they are very attentive. We sat upstairs and it was very dark, so I had to use flashlight to make the food visible in the picture.

Starter: Gamba’s al Ajillo served with toast and a herb aioli


Main course: Pan fried cod with a mild sauce of course mustard


Dessert: Strawberry cheese cake with brownie bottom

Starter was quite average I have to say, the flavor didn’t get into the shrimp completely so it was a bit blend in the end. Main course was cooked to perfection in my opinion, they were very generous with the amount of fish they serve and the cod was very fresh. By only looking at the name, I guess many of you will love the dessert already. It was absolutely delicious, it wasn’t too sweat or too blend, the combination with the cheese cake and brownie was fantastic. Who cares about diet after all :p

I hope you like my review of these three bistro restaurants and until next time.



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