Restaurant Vintage Eindhoven

Food: ○○○○●
Price: €€€
Service: ○○○○●

Last Saturday, Bram’s sister and her boyfriend took us out for a nice dinner at Restaurant Vintage to celebrate our birthdays.

The 3 courses menu at Vintage costs 26.50 Euro per person. The restaurant looks truly nice inside, it has two floors, and their is plenty of space between tables so you it doesn’t feel too crowded. The Service was very attentive throughout the whole dinner. They first served some nuts and banana chips as an appetizer.

The four of us choose the same starter which is: Scallops, celeriac, pancetta, herbal yogurt
The presentation looks very nice, the combination of the food is really good! The starter also comes with some fresh sour-dough bread.



We took different main courses:
Fillet of North sea sole, eggplant, parsley, tomato, Verveine sauce


Codfish, mashed potatoes, cream of peas, carrots, laurel powder


Duck breast, sweet potato, celery, beetroot, gravy


Veal tenderloin, mushroom duxelles, green asparagus, red wine gravy


Again the presentation of the main courses are very appealing. Vintage doesn’t only go with the safe options, but they are willing to put more effort in the food combinations. We were pleasantly surprised with the food quality. All main courses are served with fries.


We took three different kind of dessert:
Millefeuille, Swiss cream, salted caramel, banana icecream


Chocolate, brownie, yoghurt icecream


Pannacotta with Baileys, egg stuffed with eggnog, walnut ice cream


Like I mentioned before, Bram and I are not typically dessert person neither are we sweet tooth, but the dessert they served at Vintage absolutely blew my mind. Nothing was too sweet, It was the perfect combination of sweet, sour, bitter and salt. We absolutely loved it!

Honestly this was the best dinner I had in 2016 so far, better than any other restaurants I have mentioned in this and this post. What I like about Vintage and the dinner is that they are willing to surprise their customers, that’s what I didn’t see at WELP, ZINC and Twee Heeren. I highly recommend you to try out Vintage and it’s definitely worth to pay 26.50 Euro for the dinner!

We were very satisfied with the dinner and will definitely go back to Vintage again!




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