A 28 years old Chinese girl living in the Netherlands. I came to Europe for my Bachelor study in 2010, knowing absolutely no one, I was scared, overwhelmed, even doubted if I made the right choice. Well, turns out that I didn’t make such a bad one since I am still here after 8 years, made the change from a full-time student to a full-time marketing and sales employee in 2014. Went back to Tilburg University for an MSc degree in early 2017. Currently working as a full-time marketing professional in the Netherlands.

A lot of people asked me the same question: “so why the Netherlands?”. Honestly, I would like to figure that out as well. Study abroad was or still is the trend in China, for young people to experience, to learn in a completely different country and continent. So I, followed the trend as well back in 2010. But I didn’t want to go to all the “popular” places such as UK, USA, Australia, and Canada (basically English speaking countries). I wanted to do something different than my friends and classmates, so I went to this study abroad fair in 2009 and browsed around for nearly half a day, then I was thinking, why not Europe. Coincidentally, or maybe it was just fate, a girl came to hand me a brochure about studying in Holland. I took it with me, and I did some research online, then I made the decision: yes, Holland, I want to go there. Reasons? I don’t know, I guess it was just the right click for me at that moment. And a couple of months later, I arrived at Schiphol Airport.

My passion for food is the main motivation for me to create this blog, why the name is “Tingking out Loud”? Well, my full name is Yunting Huang, you probably noticed that it is not so easy to pounce, so mostly, I go by the name “Ting”, it is part of my name, easy to remember and pounce. And since the idea of this blog is to share with you about food, lifestyle and travel stories, I decided to call it thinking out loud but with the twist of my name.

I hope you will enjoy the blog and feel free to leave me your suggestions!




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